Monthly Archives: August 2008

How to move a mysql database from one box to another

Simple reference, moving a mysql database: mysqldump -h <oldhostip/name> -u username -p[<password>] <databasename> > <dumpfilename>.sql mysql -u<username> -p[<password>] < <dumpfilename>.sql Note: The lack of spaces in some places of the commands. They are intended. Note: Specifying the password after -p is []’d, which means it’s optional. Note: If you do enter a password on the […]

CIFS VFS No response for cmd n mid…

On a few systems, I’ve noticed CIFS mounts have a tendency to lock up the system when transferring large files, or a shitload of small ones in quick succession. When this happens, the system may or may not completely lock up, and lines like these will appear in your syslog: Aug 1 22:58:16 dreadnought kernel: […]