Monthly Archives: April 2009

Moving or removing ~/.xsession-errors

The location of ~/.xsession-errors is, at the time of writing, specified in /etc/X11/Xsession in Debian Squeeze (testing). ERRFILE=$HOME/.xsession-errors To disable logging, change this to ERRFILE=/dev/null I use several computers with the same, networked, home directory, and having all of them output to the same file was a hopeless mess. However, this solved the problem for […]

Wake on Lan on an Intel Mac Mini with Linux

Both Wake on Lan and turning on after a power loss can be enabled on the Intel Mac Mini with the use of the setpci command. I stuffed this into my /etc/rc.local (to run them at boot time. yes, they need to be run on each boot) # reboot on power loss setpci -s 0:1f.0 […]