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Removing VMware Player or workstation when the Hyper-V role is active

Blatantly stolen from Jussi Palo’s post here, and archived here. All credit to the original author. Challenge Time to go all in with Windows 8 and migrate development environments to Hyper-V. When you’re migrating from VMware to Hyper-V, and you happen to install Hyper-V before uninstalling VMware Workstation or Player, you will get warning that […]

Make exim4 on Debian respect .forward and /etc/aliases when using a smarthost

When configured to send all mail through a smarthost, exim4 on Debian will not respect your /etc/aliases file, nor will it care about your users’ ~/.forward files. This is due to the numbering, and consequently the sorting, of the files in /etc/exim4/conf.d/router/. If you look at 200_exim4-config_primary, you’ll see it handles smarthost routing in smarthost […]