Monthly Archives: September 2011

Fixing “shmget() failed: No space left on device”

I had this happen when someone ran a script to kill x11vnc every so often, using kill -9 (don’t ask). Killing x11vnc with SIGTERM (15) allows it to clean up its shared memory segments. SIGKILL (9) will not. Googling around, I found a script over here (backup copy here). The problem with that was that […]

SSH in a while loop – stdin problems

When SSH is used with a line like “while read ….”, the while loop will only run once. This can be seen by running this simple example: $ seq 1 10 | while read line; do ssh remotehostname “echo x${line}x”; done x1x You might expect this to connect to the host with the name “remotehostname” […]

Set php.ini values using .htaccess

Did you know that you can set php.ini values right inside the .htaccess file? You can do so by adding lines like these: #format php_value setting_name setting_value #example php_value upload_max_filesize 128M

GCC stray X in program

Problem: IEMGD_HEAD_Linux/common/drm/emgd/display/pi/cmn/pi.c:1: error: stray ‘\357’ in program This is caused by “invalid” characters in the code, specifically I encountered this while trying to compile the Intel EMGD driver for my EEEPC’s graphics card. Thanks to the helpful folks over here, there’s a solution: cd IEMGD_HEAD_Linux/common/drm/emgd/display/pi/cmn cat -v pi.c | awk ‘{if(NR>1) print $0}’ > tmp […]

Tell your friends how to burn ISO files properly

I have no idea how many blank CD’s I’ve seen wasted on having a file system with a single .iso file on them. Then, I found this page: It tells you how to burn an image with basically any Windows-based software out there. If someone runs Linux, I assume they can figure it out […]

xorg.conf for KVM

Found this somewhere. Works for me. Section “ServerLayout” Identifier “BodhiZazen’s KVM xorg.conf” Screen 0 “Screen0” 0 0 InputDevice “Mouse0” “CorePointer” InputDevice “Keyboard0” “CoreKeyboard” EndSection Section “Module” Load “record” Load “dri” Load “extmod” Load “glx” Load “dbe” Load “dri2” EndSection Section “InputDevice” Identifier “Keyboard0” Driver “kbd” EndSection Section “InputDevice” Identifier “Mouse0” Driver “vmmouse” Option “Protocol” “SysMouse” […]

bash time limit on commands

Several programs, like “timelimit” and “timeout”, exist to prevent a process from running for too long. However, if you want to do this on a box where neither is installed, there’s a way to do so with bash alone. Based on the original script I found at… #!/bin/sh # Execute a command with a […]