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Debugging SQL Server Query Performance

To enable timing of your query: SET STATISTICS TIME ON Time statistics provides output like this in the “Messages” tab of SSMS after running a query: (127 row(s) affected)  SQL Server Execution Times:    CPU time = 0 ms,  elapsed time = 42 ms. To show IO statistics: SET STATISTICS IO ON ..which provides stuff […]

Resetting an Aeon Labs Z-Stick S2

From the manual: This must be done through the host software which takes control of the Z-Stick USB adapter while the Z-Stick is in SerialAPI-Mode. If you have the Danfoss ZWave PC Controller, previously available here, you can use the “Reset Controller” button to do so. This works fine in VMware Player too, so you […]

Cool Software: Batch File Compiler PE

While I’m not sure why you’d want to do so, compiling batch files into executables just has some hackerish appeal to me. The batch file compiler does so, and includes a cool syntax highlighting editor as well! Get it here: bfcpe.exe

Cool Software: PatchMyPC

This is an actual software autoupdater which is free, donate-ware and doesn’t contain malware! In short: awesome! Get it from: PatchMyPC.exe

Cool Software: SlowMP3

Slow MP3 allows you to speed up and down MP3 files without getting “chipmunk” voices, transpose them up and down and other cool stuff. It’s awesome if you’re trying to learn that new song on your guitar and can’t find the tabs for it. Try it out! (now dead – see my copy below) […]