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DNS names for Hyper-V client machines

So, running a couple of Hyper-V machines, and needing to determine their local IP addresses to connect to them. As long as the Hyper-V Integration Services are installed (apt-get install hyperv-daemons on Debian-based distributions), PowerShell on the host machine will have access to the IP addresses of the client machine. Without the Integration Services, PowerShell […]

Web Echo Service for developers

I recently had need of a service that would return your exact query to you for web client (or proxy) development purposes, in a case where using Fiddler, Wireshark, tcpdump was proving difficult for various reasons. The solution became the C-Net Echo Service, available at (and over plain HTTP if you need it). […]

curl SSL fails even with ca-certificates installed

curl: (60) SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificateMore details here: So curl fails to access sites over https, even if ca-certificates is installed in your Docker container? You need to force a certificate rehash. Why this is not done by default escapes me. /usr/bin/c_rehash curl should be happy now. Enjoy!

Perl one-liner to create random passwords

Just wrote this thing. Putting it here, in case anyone needs it. perl -e ‘my @c = ((‘a’..’z’), (‘A’..’Z’), (0..9)); for(1..128) {print $c[int(rand($#c+1))]}’ It creates random passwords, with the length specified by the number following “1..”, which is 128, in this example. Example outputs: lFcQYCtPl653r9D3cSfcFyeLJlbdDNPrxeIjkf6c77CjBRgtTRHKKL824La4giNLJkza66CzlecoOExPeuEJyQAnHFOQpcPsPbRiycSttCXwGhYK40BfQFlLWJapPltu HQVfvdUrkOOExPAiH5ry7u177TjgsDnfW4FlVuDeU3f833kPAe9z4XKZuKhqYaTZAd7wzuAgX8eTWM79TgDymNJWZ8RNRa30DuNSd5xCZ6rkMS00q35R4jWxR7Ztzbfn dCAlGY0KfNlPfp9D2DuhNHM8oqXFijXrjaRWxidzydzjUF61i0sAitCiZUiOrBsZwToqWXXMbxxjo6kKOIb5MxFQPkuIfsteavxd6gX2I7sQhJh4MmztondoikQ4Pb6i

Docker starts slowly on Raspberry Pi / Raspbian

After installing the latest stable version of docker-ce (5:18.09.0~3-0~raspbian-stretch as of the time of writing), Docker would take ages to start after a reboot. Commands would even time out waiting for it. /var/log/daemon.log shows a gap of almost 4 minutes between the attempt to start the Docker Application Container Engine and the first log line […]

Forcing Cygwin to create sane permissions on Windows

If you use Cygwin to mainly manipulate files in your regular Windows filesystem, under /cygdrive/…, you have probably seen this message more than a few times: “The permissions on <node> are incorrectly ordered, which may cause some entries to be ineffective” You have also likely seen “NULL SID” as the top entry in permission lists. […]