Monthly Archives: April 2013

Running PulseAudio in system mode with TCP listening on Debian Wheezy

On this thin client I’ve set up, I wanted pulseaudio to run before logging in, and not have any specific users on the machine. System mode was called for. On Wheezy, pulseaudio is by default configured for per-user sessions. To remedy this, edit /etc/default/pulseaudio, putting PULSEAUDIO_SYSTEM_START=1 Then, edit /etc/pulse/ – this is the file that […]

Mysterious IGMP Query Request packets from to

On my Debian KVM hosts, and on the firewalls that guard them, I noticed that every two minutes, plus a couple seconds or so each time, I’d see blocked IGMP packages from to Googling around, I found this post, explaining that it’s the multicast_snooping option for bridge-utils that’s causing it. Being KVM hosts, […]