Monthly Archives: January 2013

Enable username and password in URL in Internet Explorer

After IE6, usernames and passwords in URL’s are no longer enabled by default in Internet Explorer, the reasoning being that saving usernames and passwords in the browser history and referral headers is a very, very bad idea. Still, it’s sometimes needed, especially when dealing with old IP cameras, which is when I last bumped into […]

One-time passwords in Debian Wheezy with libpam-otpw

While public and private keys with decent pass-phrases are an excellent way of logging in securely to a remote system, it’s sometimes simply not feasible. Your Android device which normally does the job for you is out of battery, you are in a remote country with only a wired connection in a shady Internet cafĂ©, […]

Disable UAC in Windows 8

While Windows 7 let you disable UAC by simply typing “UAC” into the search field on the start menu and disabling it from the UAC options that show up, Windows 8 made it a bit more complicated. In short, press Windows+R, type secpol.msc, go to “Local Policies => Security Options” and set “User Account Control: […]