Moving or removing ~/.xsession-errors

The location of ~/.xsession-errors is, at the time of writing, specified in /etc/X11/Xsession in Debian Squeeze (testing).


To disable logging, change this to


I use several computers with the same, networked, home directory, and having all of them output to the same file was a hopeless mess. However, this solved the problem for me:

ERRFILE=$HOME/.xsession-errors-$(hostname -s)
rm -f "$ERRFILE"

This makes a separate .xsession-errors for each of my machines and also removes the file each time X is started so it doesn’t grow too big. If X itself crashes, the errors to to /var/log/messages anyway, so there’s no need to save the .xsession-errors for this.

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  • Alessio says:

    Thanks for putting this together, recently switched Linux distro’s and had to remove this file to get back into the desktop environment.

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