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Unpivoting two columns in PostgreSQL

We recently had a need to unpivot two columns with item id’s in them so they’d come out as a single column with distinct values. Some of the entries had <null> as the parent id, and null should not appear in the output. One could solve this with a simple UNION, but the view we […]

Recursive PostgreSQL user manager query for PowerBI path value, with loop handling

Recursive SQL queries. They’re hard to read, and even harder to wrap your head around. They’re handy when you have a self-referencing table (intermediates allowed, but complicates things) that somehow represents a tree, such as the management tree of a corporation, where each user has a manager_id that’s also a user_id in itself. There’s a […]

The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed

So, you resurrected a VM from the cold, damp crypts of the deepest backup dungeons, and now you can’t log in because the VM doesn’t trust the domain server anymore? That’s alright. The Windows Domain will rotate its keys from time to time, and an offline VM snapshot will not know about it. You don’t […]