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Tool tip: “vbetool” runs real-mode video BIOS code to alter hardware state

This is so damn useful to turn on and off remote displays through SSH, for wall-mounted information screens and similar. Available in your friendly neighbourhood Linux distribution. VBETOOL(1) User Commands VBETOOL(1) NAME vbetool – run real-mode video BIOS code to alter hardware state SYNOPSIS vbetool [[vbestate save|restore]|[vbemode set|get]|[vgamode]|[dpms on|off|standby|suspend|reduced]|[post [romfile]]|[vgastate on|off]|[vbefp pan‐ elid|panelsize|getbrightness|setbrightness|invert]] DESCRIPTION vbetool […]

Aeon Cobra 50cc (GOES 50s) service manuals and parts lists

Something completely unrelated to this blog thing, but I feel I have to put it somewhere. I recently did some mechanical work on an Aeon Cobra 50cc (AT70 in the registration) and spent a few evenings looking up information about it. The Aeon Cobra 50cc is sold in several Nordic countries as the GOES 50s. […]

MSSQL Mass Delete

To avoid holding up everything else when deleting massive amounts of data from an SQL Server table, you can use the TOP() function to delete the data in chunks. SELECT 1 WHILE @@ROWCOUNT > 0 BEGIN DELETE TOP(1000) FROM [dbo].[mytable] WHERE timestampUtc < ‘2015-05-29’ END The “SELECT 1” primes the @@ROWCOUNT variable, so the while […]

Writing a newline to separate commands in XChat

Just learned something neat: In XChat, if you hold ctrl and shift, and then press “u”, followed by “a”, you get a weird character that signifies a line break. This can be used to put several commands on one line in the configuration, or to type several lines before spamming them all at once into […]

MSSQL Mass Copy

To avoid locking a table for a damn long time, this is how Google told me to do mass copies of data in Microsoft SQL Server: DECLARE @BatchSize INT = 1000 DECLARE @IdMax INT = 25179272 DECLARE @i INT = 0 WHILE @i <= @IdMax BEGIN INSERT INTO [mydata].[dbo].[ProjectEventValues] WITH (TABLOCK) ([projectId] ,[descId] ,[index] ,[controllerId] […]

SMPS Repair

I recently had to repair the Switched Mode Power Supply for my RockWheel (a one-wheeled electric “vehicle”). Looking around for some general guidelines, since I hadn’t touched line voltage in a while, I found this guide over here useful. Archived here for archival purposes…