• Montgomery Newcom says:

    Awesome! Thank you so much!

  • Glados says:

    Awesome stuff! How did you achieve such a nice replica of the original voice? Which sound synthesizer did you use?

    • bolt says:

      The input voice generator is a commercial one I’ve developed for work, so I’m not at liberty to distribute it, I’m afraid. I simply used it because it was available to me, and it sounded good after running the glados script from https://github.com/EtiennePerot/gladosvoicegen which I also altered so it wouldn’t get stuck as often.

  • Han says:

    This is amazing. Did you have to use Windows XP in order to run it? or is there a way to run this on Windows 10?

    • bolt says:

      I had enough issues making the script run reliably, so I did not bother trying to get it to run on Windows 10. It was supposed to be a week-end project, after all.

      I happened to have an old XP license, so I simply ran that in a virtual machine. I see no reason why XP would be required, however, but since parts of the script relies on pixel perfect image recognition, any blurring or transparency effects is virtually guaranteed to mess up the algorithm.

  • Andrew Lee says:

    Wow this is legitimately amazing. Big thanks for this tool. Would it not be possible to exponentially speed up by using audacity scripts and some custom audio manipulation code? I would think that audacity could do most of it.

    • bolt says:

      Yes, Audacity could probably do the same thing. I went with Melodyne, both since Etienne’s original Python script used it, and since that’s what was allegedly used to create the actual GLaDOS voice in Portal.

      If you’re interested in creating the same effect in Audacity, I could send you a sample of the unprocessed TTS voice that you could play around with. If it sounds just as good (or better), I’d be happy to replace the process with your script (with your permission) to speed it up.

  • Can says:

    Very nice!
    I have a question, instead of annoying other people by adding too many sentences which takes a while, is there a way to do it locally? Like something to download?
    It sounds pretty cheeky (xD) of me to say this, but if u read this maybe answer me via email… Thanks!

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