Installing Windows Live Essentials on Windows XP – Error: OnCatalogResult: 0x80190194

Support for Windows XP from Microsoft has long since ended, and although Windows Update still kind of works (you have to run the “Express” option a few times, and install Microsoft Update, before “Custom” works), attempts to install Windows Live Essentials fail miserably with the cryptic error message “OnCatalogResult: 0x80190194”.


Downloading the installer manually was suggested on a few sites, however, downloading and running wlsetup-web.exe from Microsoft gave me the same error message on install. Cue the offline installer. However, the previous links to download the offline installer, such as, are now dead. The Internet Archive came to the rescue, and I was able to download it from there.

I’ve archived my copy of it here, for future reference. Feel free to grab it, or use the archive.


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