Nifty linux oneliners

This is a list of nifty oneliners I often use and just as often forget. Now I have a place to jot them down.SSH public key creation

ssh-keygen -t rsa -C <user/machine/othercomment> -b 8192

Sure-fire ssh public key propagation (includes directory creation)

cat .ssh/ | ssh <username>@<serveraddress> "mkdir -p ~/.ssh && cat - >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys"

Reload the .Xresources file

xrdb -merge ~/.Xresources

Rsync an entire file system to another machine

rsync -e 'ssh -ax' -aHvzl --numeric-ids --one-file-system --progress --compress <source> <user>@<destination>:<directory>

Make a big file with random stuff in it for testing

dd if=/dev/urandom of=testfile.big bs=10MB count=200

Use tar.gz through SSH:

# tar zcvf - /wwwdata | ssh root@wherever "cat > /backup/data.tar.gz"

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