Screen size calculator

Today I found out I want to replace one of my 20″ 4:3 LCD screens with a widescreen, to watch movies on a bigger surface. However, I didn’t want to reduce my vertical screen space.

What I mean is that a 20″ widescreen is, necessarily, shorter vertically than my 4:3 screen, meaning I get to see less of vertically oriented webpages, word documents, spreadsheets… basically everything except movies are designed for a screen with a relatively large vertical size.

Thus, getting a 20″ widescreen was completely out of the question. So I grabbed my calculator, and then thought… why bother? Someone must have done this before.

Exactly. The link below provides a “TV Aspect Ratio Calculator”, which works just as well for LCD screens. Using 20″, 4:3 as input, my widescreen needs to be 24.5392 inches to fit my needs. Thus, we’re going for 26″ 🙂

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