ClipWriter, a PowerShell script that emulates keyboard input to transfer files and text

I wrote this tool today, as I was annoyed having to do a bunch of changes to a configuration file on a client site through a restrictive remote tool that doesn’t let you paste or transfer any files for “security reasons” (read: BOFH)

It pastes text, files and entire directory structures by simulating keyboard input. I found some tools that do stuff like this, but all of them were somewhat shady and closed source. I thought someone else might enjoy this, so here it is.


  • Barry says:


    great script, many thanks, saved me a lot of time! Just what I’ve been looking for!

    The only bug is that it does not work with foreign (German) Keyboards where (amongst other things) z and y are swapped. Words like “Lizenz” get typed as Liyeny”. Any chance that this could be remedied?

    • bolt says:

      Hey Barry.

      The easiest hack is probably to add your switched characters to the list around line 24 of the script.

      I unfortunately can’t spare the time to properly set up a test case and patch this in a nice way right now, but I’d be very happy to look at a pull request if you decide to solve it in a pretty way 🙂

  • Barry says:

    Hi Bolt,

    many thanks for your quick reply! I’ll make the code changes and try it out.
    I’m not much of a programmer so I can’t improve it or make pull requests (at least not now, maybe some time in the future).

    I have a few colleagues who are likewise very impressed with your script, as we all have the same problems as you had, that made you write it!

    Best regards,

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