Enable remote management of Windows Server Core and Hyper-V Core

This is a reference for the commands to enable the firewall rules necessary to remotely manage Windows Server Core and Hyper-V Core.

I keep having to look these up…

  • Enable-NetFireWallRule -DisplayName “Windows Management Instrumentation (DCOM-In)”
  • Enable-NetFireWallRule -DisplayGroup “Remote Event Log Management”
  • Enable-NetFireWallRule -DisplayGroup “Remote Service Management”
  • Enable-NetFireWallRule -DisplayGroup “Remote Volume Management”
  • Enable-NetFireWallRule -DisplayGroup “Remote Scheduled Tasks Management”
  • Enable-NetFireWallRule -DisplayGroup “Windows Firewall Remote Management”

You also have to run one of them on the computer you intend to manager it from. Yes, the client.

  • Enable-NetFirewallRule -DisplayGroup “Remote Volume Management”



  • Dan Visan says:

    On the latest Server 2019 Datacenter Evaluation Core (10.0.17763 Build 17763) the:
    Enable-NetFireWallRule -DisplayGroup “Windows Firewall Remote Management” should be:
    Enable-NetFireWallRule -DisplayGroup “Windows Defender Firewall Remote Management”


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